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The plan? What plan?
  • Written by Gareth
  • February 13th, 2014
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The plan? What plan?

What good has ever come from making a plan? Were good songs planned, or did they just come about after some delicious drugs and a jammin’ session? The last good night you had out, was it planned, or did it just happen off the back of a few quiet drinks?

Wars. They were probably planned. Murder is also a lot worse in the court of law when it’s premeditated as well. If, you find yourself on a night out and in response to someone unpleasant bashing you over the head, you accidentally kill them, the law looks more kindly upon you.

I suppose, when you plan what you’re cooking, it can be good - but if you read my last post on drunken cooking you’ll know that unplanned meals are, at the time, somewhat excellent.

Could you imagine going on a date having pre-arranged to kiss the girl when the clock strikes 9? Probably not. The apprehension when you have to say good bye - should I - shouldn’t I? Now that’s fun.

Ask yourself - what are you doing on Saturday? If you’ve got plans, they’re probably something boring like washing the car, doing the ironing, putting up flat pack furniture, going for a jog, or shooting foxes.

Can you remember the last time you did something spontaneous? If you can, was it liberating? Was it fun? I’d imagine it was. The first truly spontaneous thing I did was go to New York for a weekend. I phoned my mother when I got there because I’d forgotten to tell her. After that, I drove to Slovkia. That was fun. For a gig which turned out to be the Slovakian national water polo award ceremony.

How many Slovakian water polo award ceremonies have you been to?

I suppose you should plan holidays - especially if you work. I guess I can see the point in that, it’s also cheaper to book in advance.

Planned sex - I was having a conversation only this week about that. You build it up in your mind for days. Then it happens and... although that was probably my fault...

Tomorrow is Friday and, Valentines day so I’m told - do you want to know what my plan is? Well, it’s a Friday, It’s legs day.

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